Welcome to CSER'20 Spring! (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

CSER 2020 Spring was to have been held at Carleton University.

We have decided to cancel the CSER meeting that would have been held May 1-2 in Ottawa because the trajectory of the Covid-19 pandemic is unknown. Whether or not the Canadian situation warrants avoiding meetings around May 1, people would not be able to make travel plans due to the uncertainty.

The plan is to hold CSER 2020 Fall edition with Cascon as normal, and to hold the CSER 2021 Spring Edition in Ottawa.

CSER meetings seek to motivate engaging discussions among faculty, graduate students and industry participants about software engineering research in a broad sense, as well as the intersection between software engineering, other areas of computer science, and other disciplines.


CSER brings together (primarily) Canadian-based software engineering researchers, including faculty, graduate students, industry participants, and any others who are interested in discusing promising ideas and research challenges across software engineering.



Important Dates (Cancelled)

Submission Deadline for poster or presentation proposals March 15, 2020
Notification for posters and presentations March 22, 2020

CSER has been cancelled.

CSER Spring 2020 Detailed Program

The event has been cancelled

Call for Submissions

The call for submissions can be found here. Send submissions by email to Timothy.Lethbridge@uottawa.ca with a subject line starting 'CSER 2020 proposal'.

In the body of the email please give:

  • An informative title
  • An abstract (try to write it so as to motivate people to attend CSER)
  • The name(s) and institution(s) of the proposer(s)/speaker(s)
  • Whether each person is a Masters student, PhD student, new professor (pre-tenure), or an established professor
  • Whether you want this to be a talk, poster, or special session (see below)
  • If a talk or special session, your requested length (depending on uptake, we may have to limit talks to be quite short, such as 10 minutes. But if there is time, we will consider giving you up to your requested length)
  • If a talk or a poster, whether you plan to demonstrate something live, and if so, what.
  • Any URL related to your proposal (optional)

If too many proposals are submitted for the time available, it will be first-come-first-served, with a little bias towards the proposals that sound the most interesting, and also a little bias towards new professors and PhD students.

We are open to proposals for special sessions such as tutorials, panels or workshops. If we accept several of these, or if the proposals are extremely specialized, we might consider splitting into two parallel sessions. A workshop would normally have a theme, with the objective of brainstorming, developing a collaboration, and/or working on a concrete output such as a joint paper. For panels and workshops, proposers will be responsible for recruiting participants.


CSER does not publish proceedings in order to keep presentations informal and speculative.

CSER Steering Committee

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is (as you all know) the capital of Canada. Carleton University is a short taxi-ride from the airport, and is on the O-Train Line 2, providing quick access to downtown hotels. There are also many hotels near the airport.


Dr. François Coallier's office at ÉTS in Montréal has kindly agreed to handle CSER Spring 2020 registration. Registration will be opened near the end of March. It will likely cost near $250 for academics and industrial participants, and around $100 for students.